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A couple of bad (good?) ones to introduce myself.

Hi all,

I'm a translation student (French to English program) @ the University of Ottawa, and I too delight in making fun of bad translations. To introduce myself to this community, I thought I'd share a hilarious news article from the Montréal Gazette that discusses an online government job bank and its automated translation system. I nearly died laughing when I read a truncated version of this article in the Ottawa Citizen.

Here's the link to the article in question, but the highlights are:

- translating Montreal's north and south shores (Rive Sud and Rive Nord) as "Rivet the South" and "Rivets the North"
- a job listing for an orderly: "Raise or sleep the beneficiaries, the care of hygiene, donner the meals."
- the statement that a home-care nurse needs to be able to "lavish doins"
- and funniest of all, a posting for a secretarial job that requires the candidate to have "regularity."

Another incredibly funny bad translation I have is one on a box of noodles owned by one of my colleagues from school. The noodles were made in China, but instead of "Chine", the French side proudly proclaimed that the noodles were "Fait en porcelaine." *Shakes head in disbelief*

That's all from me. Glad to be a part of this community! :D
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